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Better Warehouse Management Through Science

Better Warehouse Management Through Science

Every warehouse management professional wants their warehouse to be more productive and efficient, but how can you squeeze more out of an already finely-tuned machine? While training your employees, implementing an effective ERP system, and making sure your operations are data-driven can all help, to get ahead of the competition you need to constantly come up with new and innovative warehouse management strategies. When it feels like your bag of tricks is empty, it’s time to turn to the scientific method.

2 Tips For Finding The Best Textile Suppliers


Good textile suppliers are the foundation of your apparel supply chain, but finding the right ones can be a challenge. With all the international options, ever-changing tariffs on textiles, and sustainability concerns, keeping your customers happy and your ledger in the black isn’t getting any easier. If you’re looking for a new textile supplier, follow these two tips to find the best one for your apparel supply chain:

3 Textiles That Are Changing Fashion


While cotton is still the most widely used textile in apparel manufacturing, new competitors are entering the market all the time. Natural fibers like bamboo and hemp that used to be relegated to the construction materials market have gotten a boost from sustainability-conscious consumers. At the same time, the burgeoning “athleisure” market has given designers a new canvas to showcase cutting-edge performance textiles.

Wearable Tech: Fad or Fashion Revolution?

With the world abuzz over the Apple Watch and its smartwatch competitors, it may seem like we’re just now breaking the boundaries of truly wearable tech, but apparel manufacturers’ fascination with wearable tech is as old as technology itself. From the pocket watches of the distant past to the Casio Calculator Watch of just a few decades ago, humans have always been enchanted with the idea of augmented reality, even if the term itself didn’t exist yet.

While wearable tech may be all the rage right now, we’ve seen it before — what will make it stick around this time?

4 Biggest Supply Chain Screw-Ups

With all the shifting variables in play, the fact that goods arrive where and when they’re supposed to is something of a miracle. From weather delays to human error in the warehouse, there are hundreds of problems just waiting to slow down the supply chain. It’s a testament to the warehouse management and logistical skills of thousands of people working together that the wheels don’t constantly fall off. But sometimes they do, and it can be spectacularly bad.