Customer Service Software Solutions

Advanced allocation processes and a customer self-service portal are just two of the innovative modules provided to allow you to maintain the highest level of service for your customers.

Customer Communications

Every ABS application allows you to communicate with your customers and vendors in whichever method they prefer to be contacted. Conveniently send invoices, credits, or any other correspondence via email, fax, and traditional mail. The cost savings and return on investment of paperless communication is immediate, significant, and eliminates postage fees and the necessary manual resources to generate mail.


With features such as user-defined controls and cost add-ons with online cost calculation, typesetting options, the ability to select colors, placement, special instructions, and more, the ABS Embellishment module gives you the power and flexibility to create a library of options to best suit your needs. Integration with the ABS suite also provides full costing capabilities, automatic work orders, order scheduler, and history files for re-orders.

CSR Tools

ABS offers a fully integrated, function rich product suite that offers easy access to any portion of the business process for your customer service representatives. Order tracking coupled with available to promise / open to buy, global maintenance for orders, styles and customers, and promotion processing rounds out the toolset, providing the utmost customer service.

Inquiries and Reporting

Complete integration of ABS Customer Service Inquiries and Reporting ensures accurate, up to the minute data, providing a single knowledge base that’s accessible throughout the organization and across the globe, removing the redundancies that slow down your workforce.


ABS’ Allocation module gives you the ability to allocate finished goods and open purchase orders during order entry by priority, rules, first come / first serve, customers, or order definition. Allocation offers in-depth backlog order reports, customer credit checks, automatic cancellation of balance of orders, update of style and order files with allocation / pick results, pre-wave scenarios and wave picking, unshipped order analysis, and pick ticket by warehouse locations with maximum picking speed.