Product Management Software Solutions

From research and development to forecasting, ABS has the tools you need to manage all of your products.


ABS Costing supports both domestic manufacturing as well as global sourcing of goods to help you keep track of your costs. Whether maintaining costs for material, cutting, and sewing, or purchase, transport, and duty costs, ABS costing helps you. With full integration to the general ledger for cost of goods sold with variance tracking, the tedious task of costing is simplified.

Pricing and Promotions

With features such as style price list maintenance, ability to price-by-size, and flexible promotions, the ABS Pricing and Promotions functionality allows you to customize pricing based on customer, season, promotion, group, and more. ABS gives you the freedom to customize your pricing and promote your products, making the entire management process hassle-free.

Forecasting and Planning

ABS gives you the ability to forecast and cross-compare sales based on sales history, user defined booking, or shipping history. ABS’ Forecasting consists of three levels (style, color, and size), giving product planners the ability to forecast at their desired level, as well as view sales forecasts using ABS’ Sales Rep Portal. The Forecasting and Planning module allows you to plan production, set up calculations, and produce a variety of reports and inquiries.

Style/Item Maintenance

ABS is a matrix-based model, and Style Maintenance is your central command, providing you with setup and maintenance of the product master file, style construction, spec packages, and style collection in one place. Along with added support for UPC, EAN creation, and product images, your team saves time and eliminates the stress of continual maintenance.