Sales & E-Commerce Software Solutions

ABS supports all your sales channels, from EDI to direct-to-consumer, providing access to information anytime, anywhere, making it easy for your customers to do business with you.

End-Consumer (B2C) Store Front Bridge

The ABS End-Consumer (B2C) Store Front Bridge is an interface from where you can exchange information with your existing end-consumer (B2C) E-Commerce store or website to the ABS ERP system. If your website has the ability to export and import data, it can be interfaced to ABS.

Kiosk Portal

ABS’ Kiosk portal provides you with a micro-site where your customers or their employees can directly log on to place orders. The Kiosk is ideal for service industry employees, who are given a budget to purchase uniforms or accessories.

Customer & Sales Portals

The ABS B2B Customer and Sales Portals give your customers and sales reps direct access to automatically updated information on their orders, invoices, available inventory, even work-in-process. You control what your users see and access. The ABS B2B Portals empower your customers and sales reps with all of the information to be successful.

Robust Integration with Multiple E-Commerce Platforms

ABS E-Commerce has expanded to include integration of our ERP application to several e-Commerce platforms. We are pleased to provide integration / API’s as a result of our partnership with key ecommerce platform vendors such as Z-Node, Artifi, Shopify, DemandWare, Elastic and others.

ABS ecommerce integration offerings also include support for decorated & embellished products.

Magento End Consumer (B2C) & Wholesale B2B Store Fronts

Magento™ is a multi-faceted E-Commerce platform that delivers the foundation of a feature-rich E-Catalog and shopping cart. From this base platform, ABS delivers a fully integrated connection from your Magento B2C website to ABS back office applications. The robust Magento B2B site delivers a dynamic presentation of your products to resellers and enhances their customer experience, setting you apart from competitors.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The cornerstone and granddaddy of E-Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides a direct connection between you and your business partners. The fast, accurate, and secure exchange of business documents is part of ABS’ integrated EDI applications. With an experienced team of EDI professionals, hundreds of supported trading partners and transaction sets, ABS EDI reduces errors and transaction costs, and improves communication with your business partners.