Supply Chain Management Software Solutions

Whether you are purchasing a finished product or tracking raw goods and production, ABS gives both you and your supplier’s accurate insight into your supply chain, which allows you to effectively plan and improve delivery performance.


ABS handles all aspects of production from full, in-house processes to fully outsourced production and all variations in between. ABS does not place limits on the number of factories that need to be tracked on any one order. Our production ties directly in with our bill of material, allowing the generation of pull tickets and packing documents for sending out any combination of raw materials to any combination of outside factories; manually and/or with the use of barcode scanners.


ABS fully integrated ERP system allows you to track and maintain your demand forecasting, intercompany trade, procurement management, partner self-service websites, vendor performance, and provides electronic information exchange with precise data from our robust library. ABS sourcing pinpoints potential delays in your supply chain and provides everyone in your company visibility to ensure premium customer service.

Quality Assurance

ABS’ factory-level QA streamlines your supply chain processes and improves your results. Through our dedicated web portal, all information related to a purchase order is available for review; you can see and quickly respond to potential issues in the supply chain. Pictures, notes, defect reason codes, and inspection reports assist you in examination of your goods at the source and allow you to proactively address problems, saving you time and cost.

Vendor/Contractor Portal

ABS’ Vendor Portal grants convenient access to your contract and vendor information through your Internet browser using secure authentication credentials. Our vendor portal offers advanced filtering and sorting capabilities so you can quickly locate the information you want, when you want it. Enhance the communication between your factories and contractors by giving them a common ground to work together.

Raw Goods Management

Whether purchasing and storing raw goods in-house or at an outside facility, ABS has the functionality to allow you to effectively manage these processes. With the extremely flexible bill of materials, you can store standard requirements at any level, down to SKU and production factory, and automatically reduce inventory from the appropriate warehouse. Entering actual usage per production order produces variance reporting and generates actual costs.